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Elmyra's Gallery House

Welcome to my House!

This is my Keep it Super Simple page!
I love Tiny Toons , and I've collected, scanned, and capped
a big collection of pictures

Every Tiny toons fan has a favorite character, mine is Elmyra.
I'm sure if I were to be a cartoon, I would be her, bratty and
full of mischief, with a heart overflowing with love.

The Amazing Three (screencaps)
Babs Bunny, Private Ear
Tiny Toons Coloring Pages by Bee Bee and A.G.I.
Night of the Living Pets
Dinner with Elmyra: Monty and Elmyra, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G...
Sepulaveda Boulevard
Elmyra gives a vampire her special huggies!
Ativities from Fox Kids Magazine
How I Spent my Vacation
By request, more hugs from Elmyra
Animaniacs Model Sheets
Tiny Toons Model Sheets
Comic Covers for Pinky and the Brain
Spring Break
Tiny Toons Cardz
Tiny Toons Valentines
Tiny Toons Sounds

Hug myself!

Disclaimer: This page is not connected with the WB in
any way, this is a fan page. Fair use provisions apply. All of the
viewing material here is kid safe.

If you are an Elmyra fan, I would love to hear from you,
Maybe it's time to revive Elmyra's fan club :-)

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